legend FB promotion flyerBackground

Legend Squad Entertainment was founded in 2004 as a Dance Group; the dancers have entered various dance competitions such as: Westmoreland dancers square off an earning first place, and Dancing Dynamite third place they were the first group from Westmoreland to have reached thus far in the competition an gained numerous JCDC awards.

We have recognized that most entertainment venture are predominantly exotic parties and very little for Kids and teens enhancement of a positive vibes. It’s out of the needs that is lacking, legend squad look at a business table that focus on creating productions shows, competition and services as we strive to be the leading Family, Schools, Organizations, and Community Entertainment group in the industry. Legend Squad Entertainment has officially launched our business on January 26, 2013 with a family fun day leading to our Grand show production which was a success.


Clown interaction Juggling and tricks
Jamaican game fun time
Jump rope, Hula hoop challenge, site in the middle, egg and spoon challenge, math & English challenge, Hook the fish challenge, baby race, granny race.
Face painting Special art  of animals, flower, place and things
Animal balloon art Special creative animals, characters, and flowers
Activity Host /Master of ceremony Creating the vibes and the atmosphere lively keep the crowd entertained
Temporary tattoos art Attractive design form various shape and size glittering and glow at night
Legend Squad Drama Show Kindly see link of legend Squad in concert and our Facebook fan page.



Kids Village entertainment Equipments
Bounce About Great attraction for kids using up energy
Small Dirt Bikes Kids fascinated to be able to ride a bike for themselves
Tri-cycle Unique design and attractive for kids easy ride
Mini Scooters  One and one scooting land
Tapeline Kids go crazy they can jump high do trick and have fun
Merry ground it is time to go round and round
Train Ride This is excited, kids on train going around getting other kids interest.

We look forward to severed our clients with quality unique entertainment that fit our audience  needs.

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